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Daria Joura Rumours

It would seem that there are several interesting articles on a little post made by Thomas Pichler on his Facebook Page. It has caused wild speculation about the supposed comeback of Daria (AKA Dasha) Joura. I had a chat with Dasha some time ago and she has been training and was looking to compete a couple (Floor and Vault from my last correspondence) of apparatus during the Queensland State Championships. I look forward to seeing whether Dasha can make an impact and from what I saw her do she should have a mean vault.

This brings up another point altogether. My responsibilities during this time of Olympic selection prevent me from disclosing any information I know about selections. The Australian Olympic Committee has the monopoly on selection announcements so I walk a fine line sometimes with what I disclose in public. As such any speculations I make about selection publicly are just that, speculation.

And as to whether Dasha is fit enough for selection, well we will just have to wait and see.

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