Nationals Sydney Promo

Gymnastics National Championships Sydney 2012

Gymnastics Australia has released some new details on the Australian National Championships which will be held in Sydney this year. A fresh draft calendar has been posted as well as some information on participant numbers and other initiatives. For the first time in many years Nationals will be a full multi-discipline gymnastics event with men’s, women’s, rhythmic and trampoline sports all involved.

This may be a good thing for gymnastics in Australia, all this segregation over recent years has caused some animosity and finger pointing between disciplines. Its a good time for Gymnastics Australia to refocus on this event which should be taken more seriously than it has been in recent years. I am looking forward to it myself, it will be good to have Nationals back in Sydney and I hope the event goes well with good competition on all fronts.

In terms of myself it seems that I will be competing on Thursday the 24th and Saturday the 26th of May. Keep in mind this is still the draft however keep these dates in mind. This will be a great event for spectators as well as competitiors so come out and watch if you can. It’ll be worth it.

If you want more information check out Gymnastics Australia.

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