Nationals 2012

National Championships Update

Here is a quick behind the scenes update on how the Australian National Championships is going so far.

The media push is certainly alive and kicking this Nationals. Apart from the obvious attraction of Lauren Mitchell and the Women’s Team selection Thomas Pichler and Josh Jefferis have had a fair amount of exposure owing to their battle for Olympic selection. I have even had some opportunity to get some coverage which can be seen below. On a more sour note there seems to be some indignations as to how GA has handled the social media side of things, especially during last nights competition. There was a discussion at the Australian Gymnastics blog which has since been taken down.

The atmosphere is alive and it is great to have more of a community feel with many of the gym sport streams being included in the one event. To that extent I think Gymnastics Australia have done a good job and I hope such an attitude will be taken in future events as well. Ticket sales have been a point of positive chatter and I am excited about the prospect of a crowd which does not consist entirely of friends and family. Although I fear that this is mainly for the WAG sessions and MAG crowds may not reflect the WAG.

The equipment remains a contentious issue with some issues already emerging. Brody Hennessey of Queensland broke the Floor in podium training which required a quick fix. The provided chalk remains unused by most of the senior gymnasts, this is not a new development as others and I have brought our own chalk for previous national events. On the WAG side the organisers have opted against Acromat manufactured Uneven Bars and rather the competitors are competing on a Gymnova set instead. This is likely due to the head coaches wanting to simulate the Olympic equipment since Gymnova will be the official provider.

Although I have not competed yet there is still some cause for celebration. Fellow Victorian team mates Jayden and Tyson Bull have recently celebrated their Birthdays. Here’s hoping they can win themselves a nice present courtesy of GA.

Finally a big congratulations to all the people who have already competed and a big good luck to any that have competition remaining. I hope everyone stays healthy and competes well. And a huge thanks to all the organisers and volunteers, this cannot go on without the hard work of the people behind the scenes.

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