Nationals Poster 2012

Signed Poster Giveaway and Auction

For all the people who could not make the signing sessions at the Australian Gymnastics National Championships I have managed to acquire several posters fully autographed by the MAG and WAG National squads as well as Australia’s RG gymnast Janine Murray. Also of note is that Lauren Mitchell was kind enough to sign the posters, I understand Lauren could not make the signing sessions due to other commitments.

To give everyone a chance at getting your hands on these I will be running a competition giveaway for one lucky commenter. Also for those who dislike the random nature of giveaways an online auction is currently active now for the remaining three posters. For the next couple of weeks I will be auctioning off the remaining posters, one each week until there are none left.

To enter the draw simply leave a comment and email address below and one lucky commenter will be picked at random to receive a free autographed poster. Entries will close by Sunday 3rd of June and the prize will be mailed shortly after.

Disclaimer: Please be patient and understanding, I am a one man operation at this point in time while trying to fit in full time study and full time training. If there are delays with postage or problems with the auction these will be remedied as soon as possible.

36 thoughts on “Signed Poster Giveaway and Auction”

  1. These posters look awesome! I’m tempted to take the one from my gym cause I want one so bad! Please please please please please?!?

  2. Jumping up and down….Pick me, pick me! It would look great framed in our gym, for everyone to appreciate.

  3. I miss gymnastics so much! Well done to all the competitors and thanks so much for this opportunity. :)

  4. Oooooh yes, we would LOVE this for our club too!!! Good luck everyone and thanks so much for the comp. :)

  5. My son was injured and unable to compete for first five months this year. He is only twelve and his traing partner made it to nationals. My son followed very closely signing up to receive notifications of results on Facebook. He would absolutely love to win a poster. Fortunately he is back in traing and training hard for next yers comps

  6. My daughter, age 11, is an international stream gymnast and a Team Future High Achiever who has been sidelined with an elbow injury for nearly a year. She had surgery in February and is gradually getting back into training. Yesterday she did a pak saulto (bars skill) for the first time at the IDP camp. She would LOVE to have a poster and it would be great encouragement for her. Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Come back to Qld Luke … You looked great in Qld colours!!!
    Love MG – the senior men are so encouraging and supportive to the young boys in this sport!!

  8. Well done to all the Victorian athletes at Nationals (and everyone else)!
    Would LOVE to win one of these!
    Thanks Luke for organising this for gymnasts and fans who couldn’t get a poster at Nationals!

  9. My daughter and I attended the Australia vs Japan meet and were thrilled to see these great athletes compete live for the first time. It was an inspiring experience for both of us, but especially my daughter, who like so many young girls dreams of following in her idol’s footsteps. Congratulations to all our great gymnasts on their hard work and sacrifice, and good luck to those selected to represent us at the Olympics!

  10. Thanks to all the people who took the time to post and even share some great stories. The contest is now officially ended and the comments will be closed. I will announce the winner over the next few days. Good Luck!

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